Do you want to stop your SIP because the returns are not good for last 1 year.

You know when it comes to equity investments it a game of patience and it is similar to the story of a Chinese Bamboo, have you ever heard about it? Let us tell you about it. Chinese Bamboo has an average height of 90 feet, which is the highest grass in the world, and it takes 5 years and 6 weeks to reach that height. Now, for the first 5 years you will not see any noticeable growth and then in last 6 weeks it grows up to 90 feet. Now think for a minute, does the Tree only grow 90 feet in six weeks? Did the first 5 years were completely inactive? Or it was developing underground, evolving the robust root system to support its future growth of last 6 weeks? The answer will be definitely yes, in the same manner individuals looking forward for long term financial goals have to show the same patience to achieve their targets.

These are above examples and past returns does not guarantee any future returns .

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