5 mistakes new mutual fund investors should avoid in this market

Don’t make an opinion basis stock market performanceAsk yourself why are you investing? If to achieve a long-term financial objective, you should move ahead. Keep an horizon of at least five to seven years for equity funds.

Schemes should not be picked basis 1 year performance Usually, investors focus on short-term returns. Most investors choose wrong fund schemes due to this focus. Hence Rupee Makers as a financial consultant provide you with right set of recommendations basis your risk profiling and financial goal

Risk profiling is an important aspect to look onAt this stage you need a financial Mutual Fund Consultants in Delhi NCR like Rupee Makers to assess your current situation basis your risk taking ability and post that only the right suggestion are made to investors.

Invest only the required amount in ELSSEquity Linked Savings Schemes are perfect model for beginners. But, that doesn’t mean you should invest entirely in them. Investments in ELSS provide tax deductions only upto 1.5 lacs. Invest the rest amount in an equity fund that matches your risk profile and investment horizon. Rupee Makers will design that for you.

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