Portfolio Management

What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is a scientific calculation done by the financial service provider by taking decisions about the combinations of investments in relation to the financial objectives on an investor. It includes allocating the assets basis the risk appetite of an investor along with the horizon of the financial goal.

Rupeemakers follow a proper SWOT analysis approach to create the portfolio of an investor, which makes them the best investment management company in Delhi NCR. In SWOT analysis all the four factors Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats are deeply analyzed to take a decision regarding Equities & Debt investments, Growth & Safety of Funds, Tax Saving & Returns on Investment.

Factors related to Portfolio Management

Rupeemakers while creating the portfolio for an investor do take care of certain crucial things which helps the customer in building a secure portfolio.

How to allocate assets

It is one of the important factor needs to be analyzed before making an investment. Rupeemakers do understand this concept with in-depth knowledge which makes us one of the leading financial consultants. We make the customer to invest into a mix of asset classes to maximize the returns in ratio to risk involved. At Rupeemakers we understand the volatile nature of all the available asset classes and basis the risk appetite of a customer along with the short term and long term financial goals, we help them in making the right decision in regards to their investment.

How to Diversify the portfolio

Diversification of the portfolio is one of the important thing to be considered while making an investment as it is quite difficult to forecast the exact future returns of a single investment. So, Rupeemakers follow a methodology of creating a hamper of investments which provides an extreme diversification to your investment and an exposure to different asset classes.

Importance of rebalancing the Portfolio

Usually majority of the financial planner fails to provide services to the investor once the investment has been done, they lack at after sale services to their customer. Rupeemakers value their customers and also understand the importance of their investment, which makes Rupeemakers the best financial management service company in the region. Rupeemakers periodically review your portfolio and suggest you with the changes to be made in the portfolio to attain the ultimate level of returns along with the expected risk.

We can understand this with the help of an example as well. Basis the risk appetite of an investor we are able to design a portfolio with a mix of 60% Equity and 40% Debt. However, over a period basis the market movement, the mix now becomes 75% Equity and 25% Debt. It will expose the portfolio to more risk than acceptance level of the investor. Hence as a Financial planner Rupeemakers will make the rebalancing in the portfolio and make the portfolio back to the same risk profile.