Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment tool which is made by pool of money. It is gathered from various investors for investing in securities such as shares, Government bonds, money market tools and other assets. Professional financial planners, allocate the fund’s in different tools and try to generate capital gains or income for the investors.

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment. It is managed by an asset management company that invests money in shares, bonds and other securities. The biggest advantage of mutual fund is that it gives small and beginner investors access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of shares, bonds and other assets. Which is quite difficult to be done with low capital.

Let’s us make this a little easier for you to understand. Rupee Makers try to make investment more convenient for our customers. Before getting into Mutual funds lets first understand the concept of investment, “Managing money is more important than earning money”. Most of us are more focused on only increasing our earnings rather increasing the returns of our investments. Today we have so many investment options and it would be very difficult to choose the best out of it. Here comes the role of Rupee Makers to help you in deciding it post analyzing your needs and other factors.


Let’s take an example: Investing in stocks and bonds on your own is like driving your own Ferrari. You have complete control, but you need knowledge and must pay complete attentiveness to the road. In addition to that, there will be some expenses you need to bear. Like fuel; overhauls, repairs and above all you need to pay for the Ferrari and that’s quite costly.

On the other hand, putting money in Mutual Funds is like going for a pooled Ola or Uber. You don’t have complete control, it is cheap in comparison to Ferrari. There won’t be any worries regarding driving, finding a route or even for the overhauls & repairs. Your chauffeur will be the Fund Manager who takes care of everything.

Rupee Makers provide mutual funds investment experience with best relaxation and least worry.

Why should I choose to invest in a mutual fund?

  • Diversification

Mutual Funds provide you with the advantage of diversification in your investment. Every single rupee invested in mutual funds get invested over a range of securities in some portions. There is saying that “you should not put all your eggs in the same basket.” and mutual funds work on the same concept. Not all the securities perform at the same level, hence you get an average benefit of their performance.

  • Professional management

Mutual funds are professionally managed investment tool. For every mutual fund there is a fund manager, who is a qualified, certified & experienced person. The fund manager along with his team take decisions about choices of best investment assets and when to switch funds. Individual investors won’t be able to spend time to understand the financial market and we do not have expertise as well.

  • Easy to buy and sell

Mutual funds are quote easy to buy and sell, there is not much paperwork required. Other than this, there is no timeframe limit for the investment. Whenever an investor wants he can liquidate his investment by selling them off.

  • Wide Range of Options

There is a wide range of investment options provided by mutual funds. You can choose whatever mix you want to go for basis the capital size, sector or any other theme. Every investor has a different set of financial goals and basis that they can choose out of the available options.