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Rupeemakers is one of the leading mutual fund investment consultant across Delhi NCR. We provide door step financial planning services to our customers. We provide our customers with an array of online services to keep a track of investments. We deals in Mutual Funds, Insurance and other asset classes. Our aim is to provide the best in class financial services in Delhi NCR.


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Build a long term portfolio by systematic approach in investments to earn maximum returns.

  • Lighter on the wallet
  • Power of compounding
  • Make timing irrelevant
  • Successful tool in good planning


Begin your investment journey with hassle free process and leave your worries to us, Our experts will help you achieve your financial goals.

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Rupee Makers is India’s latest customer friendly investment platform. It is crafted and promoted by FINGAIN Consultants Private Limited (AMFI Registration Number)- ARN-129323.Read More

  • Equity funds –Your money gets invested in the stocks through professionally managed funds team .Read More

Rupee Makers is cultivated with a notion to deliver requirement based financial investment solutions to its customers in the prevailing complex and volatile structure of financial market. Read More

An asset management company (AMC) is a company that manages the investment made from its clients' collective funds in financial tools.Read More


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What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment, managed by Mutual Fund Consultants an asset management company that carries together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds and other securities.

Mutual Funds Perception Vs Reality

There is big myth that Mutual Funds are complex & needs financial understanding as they are the simplest investment tool for investors and ...

Why Mutual Funds?

Going by the proverb, ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket’, mutual funds help relieve risks to a large extent by spreading your investment across a diverse range of assets.

Can you give guarantee like Bank FD?

Fixed deposits (FD) are not only investments; they are an integral part of our tradition. Our ancestors have affirmed by FDs throughout their lives. Whenever they have surpluses, they invested it in a FD.

More Time = More Wealth. Is it true?

It’s not the timing but it’s time into the market, which is more important. Historically, those who stayed invested with their invested have made big fortunes.

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