Why Mutual Funds?

Diversification of your portfolio

Going by the proverb, ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket’, mutual funds help relieve risks to a large extent by spreading your investment across a diverse range of assets. Mutual funds Consultants offer a great investment opportunity to investors who have a limited investment capital. Rupee Makers suggests their clients based on there needs to help them achieve there investment objective.

Professional management

Fund managers professionally manage mutual funds, they are responsible for executing a fund’s investment strategy and managing the portfolio. Fund manager manages the funds along with a team. To be a fund manger an individual must have a high level of educational and professional qualifications and suitable investment managerial experience. The quality of the fund manager is one of the important aspects to consider when analyzing the investment quality of any fund. Rupee Makers as an investment consultant reviews the profiles and past performance of numerous fund managers and post that only suggests the best fund to invest in.

Easy Liqidity

Mutual fund provides you with the highest level of liquidity which means you can enter whenever you want and exit also. You can sell your fund units or shares at almost any time if you need to get access to your money. This type of liquidity is not available in any other investment tool that too with higher returns. Rupee Makers keep on reviewing the portfolio of the customers and basis the internal analysis we shift the funds to generate the highest possible return on the investments.

A wide range of funds to choose from

Mutual fund provides a wide range of options when it comes to investment.  Equity funds, Balance or Hybrid Funds and Debt funds are one of the options, Rupee Makers as a financial consultant analyze the needs and financial goals of an individual and basis that help them in opting for the best portfolio. A young investor with stable income and years to invest may be more comfortable in taking risk to achieve great return. They may invest in an equity fund. A mid-career investor trying to balance risk and return more moderately could invest in a balanced mutual fund that buy a mix of stocks and debt. An investor approaching retirement might be less comfortable with risk and more interested in fixed income investments. They may invest in a debt fund.

Disciplined investing

Habits developed over a period of time are quite tough to breakdown. That is why everyone got advised to inculcate upright habits. And there is nothing better than investing to secure you future. When you start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in a mutual fund, you are binding to invest a definite amount monthly, steadily after certain number of months or years. These obligations implant in you the discipline to make a secured future. This way, you ensure that nothing comes in the way of your goals. Rupee Makers along with investment suggestion plan your financials as well post evaluating the earnings and spending habits of an individual.





*Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.

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